Phonic Rule Display Boards – Set B


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Phonic Rule Display Boards

Set B




These 18 Phonic Rule Display Boards are great for helping students remember the reading and spelling rules long after you’ve taught them.¬† They are a perfect tool to display in a location where students can reference during reading and writing. Phonic Rule Display Boards are especially helpful for struggling readers, who have difficulty retrieving rules from long term memory.

These Phonic Rule Display Boards are the same ones found in the Dyslexia Toolkit – Level 3.



  • 18 Display Boards¬†
  • Each board sized at 8.5×11″
  • Printed on Heavy Duty Card Stock


Phonics Rules Taught:

  • Open Syllables
  • Vowel-Consonant-e (VCe) Syllable
  • Dropping the Silent e
  • Suffix -s
  • Suffixes -er and -est
  • Consonant Suffixes
  • Long a Vowel Teams
  • Long e Vowel Teams
  • Long o Vowel Teams
  • Long i
  • Y as a vowel: Y says /i/
  • Other sounds of ea
  • ge says /j/
  • ce says /s/
  • ve says /v/
  • s says /s/ and /z/
  • se: Adding e to words that end in s
  • Homophones



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