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Fluent reading depends upon automatic word recognition.  For reading to become automatic, a student must master the meaningful “chunks” of words.  The Basic Sound/Symbol Flash Cards represent the foundation upon which all words are built.

The Basic Sound/Symbol Flash Cards provides parents and teachers with a fun and engaging way to provide students with explicit practice for studying the phonics concept of sound-symbol recognition.  The Basic Sound/Symbol Flash Cards will introduce students to letters and sounds such as:

  • Consonants
  • Vowels
  • Digraphs
  • Beginning and Ending Blends 
  • Units
  • Most Common Suffixes  


The Basic Sound/Symbol Flash Cards includes:

  • 112 Double-Sided, Oversized Cards (3.5″ x 5.75″)
  • Consonant, Vowel & Digraph Cards come with and without pictures for advanced progression
  • Color Coded by phonics skills:
    • Consonants & Digraphs – Blue
    • Vowels – Yellow
    • Blends – Blue
    • Units – Red
    • Suffixes – Light Blue
  • A listing of the phonics rule is included on the back of each card.



Can we answer some of your questions:

How do I use the Basic Sound/Symbol Flash Cards?

The Basic Sound/Symbol Flash Cards are great for teaching and reviewing letter sounds, word parts, and phonics skills.

  • Begin by using the blue and yellow flash cards that represent the letters A-Z.
    • NOTE:  The letter and digraph cards have two options (with and without pictures).  Begin by using the flash cards with pictures.  When your student has mastered the sounds on the cards with pictures, advance to the cards with no pictures.
  • Hold up a flash card.  Your student will say the SOUND associated with each letter (for instance on the card with the letter <a>, your student should say the sound /a/, as in the word “apple”).
    • Flip through the deck.  If your student forgets a sound or says the wrong sound, correct them, and ask them to repeat you.  Place any incorrect card in the back of the deck, so they get another chance to say the correct sound.
    • Flipping through the card deck is a great way to start any phonics lesson, and it is recommended to practice daily.  As your student becomes more accurate sounding out the cards, begin flipping through the deck faster and faster, until the student can automatically sound out each card.
  • Once the letter cards are mastered, begin adding in the additional concepts.
    • Only add in a few additional cards at a time, so that your student is not overwhelmed.


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  1. Misty Bailey

    My son has practically zero vowel differential. He has a hard time telling the sounds apart when it comes to I, E and even U. These flashcards have been a huge resource in our homeschool the last few months and have helped him improve leaps and bounds.

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