DIGITAL VERSION: Student Workbook Level 3 – Phonics and Word Study (Instant Download)

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This workbook provides practice with phonics and word study skills.  Skills are introduced in a logical sequence, building upon previously learned skills.  This workbook is appropriate for students who have learned short vowels and are ready for long vowels.

In this 114 page workbook, students will practice reading and spelling words with open syllables, “silent e”, and “vowel teams”. This includes:

  • Open Syllables (be, me, go)
  • Y as a vowel (long i: my, by, try)
  • Vowel-Consonant-e (VCe)
    • a_e
    • i_e
    • o_e
    • u_e
    • <ce>: “Soft c”
    • <ge> and <dge>: “Soft g”
    • <se> and <ze>
    • <ve>
  • Vowel Teams
    • Long a: <ai> and <ay>
    • Long o: <oa>, <ow> and <oe>
    • Long e: <ea> and <ee>
    • Long i: <igh> and <ie>
  • This workbook also introduces students to the suffixes:
    • -s
    • -ed
    • -ing
    • -less
    • -ness
    • -ly
    • -er
    • -est
    • -ful
    • Dropping the Silent e

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Please Note: Student Workbook – Level 3 Phonics and Word Study is a key component of the lesson plans found in Toolkit #3, but also works great when purchased on its own. One physical copy of the Student Workbook, Level 3 is included inside every Toolkit #3 purchase.  

Original price was: $24.00.Current price is: $11.99.