Phonics Fluency: Closed Syllable Sentences (Instant Download)


Give your student(s) much needed practice with reading phonetic words in context. This set includes phonetically controlled sentences. Also included is a comprehension activity that can be used with any sentence.

  • Consonant-Vowel Consonant (CVC) words
    • 4-6 sentences per page,
    • Easier and harder versions
  • Digraphs (sh, th, ch)
    • 6 sentences per page
  • Consonant blends with short vowels
    • 4-6 sentences per page
  • Words using the letters: nk
  • Double consonants (-ll, -ff, -ss, -zz)
  • Words using the letters: -ind, -old, -ild, -ost

Grade Level:  Kindergarten and 1st Grade students

64 Pages

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