Phonic Books: Amber Guardians Workbook


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Amber Guardians Workbook 

Catch-up reader workbooks are integral to the reading program as they include activities to support the learner. 


The 239 page, Amber Guardians photocopiable workbook has 10 chapters of activities designed for older students, ages 8-14. This workbook corresponds directly to the 10 books in the Amber Guardians reading series, and includes activities that introduce a range of suffixes, prefixes and root words based on the characters and adventures in the books.

Phonic/Spelling Skills Taught:

  • Book/Chapter 1: Suffixes -s, -es, -ed, -ing
  • Book/Chapter 2: Suffixes -ful, -less, -ness, -er, -est, -ly, -en, -ish, -y, -able, -ible
  • Book/Chapter 3: Prefixes un-, in-, im-, il-, ir-, mis-, dis-
  • Book/Chapter 4: Prefixes re-, pre-, post-, ante-, anti-
  • Book/Chapter 5: Prefixes uni-, bi-, tri-, quad-, dec-, cent-, multi-
  • Book/Chapter 6: Prefixes sub-, super-, trans-, inter-, ex-
  • Book/Chapter 7: Prefixes magna-, magni-, mega-, min-, mini-, micro-
  • Book/Chapter 8: Root words capit, man, spect, ped, bio, viv, vit, mort
  • Book/Chapter 9: Root words dict, graph, scrib, script, mem
  • Book/Chapter 10: Root words ject, tract, port, struct, labour, fact, form

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