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What are Catch-up Readers?

Catch-up readers are decodable, systematic phonic reading books for older readers

Interest Age: 8 to 14+


80% of struggling readers have a gap in phonics knowledge. Phonics books fill in these missing gaps. They are designed for older students who may have already experienced reading failure. Since many of these students also experience loss of confidence and low self-esteem, Phonics Books develop confident, independent reading strategies.


Included in each series:

    • Systematic (sequenced) phonic progression
    • Age-appropriate illustrations and story lines
    • Reading practice page which prepares the student for reading the text
    • Vocabulary page to develop receptive and expressive language
    • Reader-friendly layout

Each of the series engage students in action-packed stories, while introducing step-by-step decodable phonics skills. Each series is supported by a photocopiable workbook (sold separately) that provides a variety of skill based activities.



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Amber Guardians Book Series

Written by Tami Reis-Frankfort and Illustrated by Drew Wilson

Finn and his friends begin an incredible quest after discovering an ancient necklace in an old bazaar.




Amber Guardians action-packed stories will motivate older readers and build reading stamina. These 10 longer stories (26 pages each) have a higher ratio of text to illustration to bridge the gap between the structured reading series and mainstream reading.

Subject/Genre: Adventure/Fantasy

Ages: 8-14

Interest Level: Grades 2-8

Books: 10 Decodable Books Sold Together as a Complete Series

Phonic/Spelling Skills Taught:

  • Book 1: Suffixes -s, -es, -ed, -ing
  • Book 2: Suffixes -ful, -less, -ness, -er, -est, -ly, -en, -ish, -y, -able, -ible
  • Book 3: Prefixes un-, in-, im-, il-, ir-, mis-, dis-
  • Book 4: Prefixes re-, pre-, post-, ante-, anti-
  • Book 5: Prefixes uni-, bi-, tri-, quad-, dec-, cent-, multi-
  • Book 6: Prefixes sub-, super-, trans-, inter-, ex-
  • Book 7: Prefixes magna-, magni-, mega-, min-, mini-, micro-
  • Book 8: Root words capit, man, spect, ped, bio, viv, vit, mort
  • Book 9: Root words dict, graph, scrib, script, mem
  • Book 10: Root words ject, tract, port, struct, labour, fact, form


Amber Guardians Workbook (Sold Separately)

Catch-up reader workbooks are integral to the reading program as they include activities to support the learner. 

The 239 page, Amber Guardians photocopiable workbook has 10 chapters of activities designed for older students, ages 8-14. This workbook corresponds directly to the 10 books in the Amber Guardians reading series, and includes activities that introduce a range of suffixes, prefixes and root words based on the characters and adventures in the books.




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