Fluency Building Card Deck Set

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To become a skilled reader, a student must be ACCURATE and AUTOMATIC at reading words. This is called reading fluency. Reading fluency is made up of:

  • Rate (speed)
  • Accuracy
  • Expressiveness (phrasing, emphasis, timing)

Research has shown that to improve reading fluency, students needs lots of practice reading words, phrases and sentences. Our “Build a Word”, “Build a Sentence” and “Complete Sentence Cards” will do exactly that! And the best part…they are FUN!

Struggling readers will find success using our card decksĀ because the amount of text isn’t overwhelming. When a struggling reader is asked to read an entire story, they often feel overwhelmed. But with only a word, phrase or sentence on each card, success is guaranteed!

Each deck of cards contains a specific color coded phonics pattern.

Directions for each deck are included.

Your child should master each skill before moving onto a more difficult one. Steps to mastery:

1) Build a Word Cards (Word Beginnings & Endings; green deck)

2) Build a Sentence Cards (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant; blue deck)

3) Complete Sentence Cards (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant; yellow deck)

4) Build a Sentence Cards (Digraph & Unit Phrases; black deck)

5) Build a Sentence Cards (Blend Phrases; red deck)

6) Complete Sentence Cards (Consonant Blends & Suffix -ed; purple deck)

7) Complete Sentence Cards (Digraphs, Units & Mixed Review; pink deck)

Help your child become a CONFIDENT and CAPABLE learner! Add the Fluency Building Card Deck Set to your cart TODAY!

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