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Elaine has taught Tobi how to read, and so much more. I still remember that day, when we were at the beach and Tobi read a sign on the wall. Tobi was so happy that she was able to look at a sign and read it. With Elaine by Tobi’s side, Tobi has grown into a happy 7th grader, who went from not meeting grade level, to straight A’s on her report card.

Tobi’s Parents

There are no words to express our gratitude to Sarah. Because of Sarah’s hard work and dedication to helping Todd, he is confident about his writing and reading. He is no longer scared to go to school or embarrassed in front of his friends. The happy light that is our Todd is finally back in his eyes, and the sweet, funny little boy has returned. We cannot thank her enough for everything. We feel truly blessed to have found such an amazing fit for our family!! Thank you!

Todd’s Parents

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